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Zevran is my favorite Dragon Age character, hands down, no competition. As such, I was really sad to hear that he wasn’t going to be appearing in Inquisition.

So, as a tribute to Zevran, here’s a theoretical Inquisition-era design of him as leader of the Antivan Crows. Design isn’t exactly my specialty, but I had a lot of fun doing this.


skyrim + the fucking sky part 3

"The breach, it’s-"


when you come up with new otp headcanons




if the next marvel short isn’t “steve rogers and bucky barnes vs. inflation” i will be so disappointed

"the price of coffee is high and it’s a price i’m not entirely sure is fair to pay"

da:i gameplay series - e3 demo part two: redcliffe castle

Looking forward to reading some of those…wait, you are sharing at least a couple of those, right? :o

I don’t think I could restrain myself if I wanted to B’) I’ll post a few! depending on what they are and if I feel confident enough to share them. :’)

On a quiet morning whilst you napped on a chair and I looked out of the window and wrote a poem, you made a cute snuffly sound that made me turn to look at you.

And there you were, looking warm and red-cheeked. Like how you always looked in the mornings, the same kind of soft that made my hands itch with wanting to touch you. Your eyelashes were fluttering against your face and I remembered how they always felt like baby moth wings when you kissed me.

As I looked at you, the sun reached through the window to touch your hair. You stretched and shifted and you were glowing. And I thought “I would do anything for him”
“Damn, this kind of love is terrifying.” And “how will I ever recover from this?”

— Azra.T “All at once” (via 5000letters)